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Nasıl düzeltilir “Bu eylemi gerçekleştirmek için izne ihtiyacınız” Windows'ta?

Sen hata rastlamak olmalı “Bu eylemi gerçekleştirmek için izne ihtiyacınızon Windows while trying to make changes to a file or program. What is this error? What causes it to come up, and how can you fix it? Bu makalede, I have put a light on this topic and also explained various effective methods to fix the error. So just keep reading till the end.

PS: If you are wondering Desen kilidi açmak için nasıl ve access control security, Hem de how to fix corrupted files, sadece daha fazla okumak.

About The Error of ‘You need permission to perform this action’ & What Causes It?

Yukarıda da belirtildiği gibi, the error “Windows bu eylemi gerçekleştirmek için izne ihtiyacınız” generally comes up when you try to make changes to a file. Ve, it happens only with the file or folder or program that is being used by some other process going on. Örneğin, a file or folder can be considered to be in use by some process if the antivirus installed on your system is scanning it for viruses. Böyle bir durumda, you may not be allowed to delete the file or apply any modification to it and face the errorBu eylemi gerçekleştirmek için izne ihtiyacınız” Windows üzerinde.

dışında, için 0x0000007f blue screen error & the Windows Update Error Code 0x80072efe, here are the top solution for you. Ayrıca, hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için buraya tıklayın Browser_broker.exe.

Methods To Fix The You need permission to perform this action on Windows

Below I have explained step-by-step the most effective methods to fix the above-mentioned issue:

Method-1: Making Use Of Unlocker

One method to resolve the issue is to make use of Empty Loop’s Unlocker. Follow the steps mentioned below to install it:

  • Programı indirdikten sonra, çalıştırmak.
  • While installing the program, emin olun “ileri” seçeneği seçildiğinde. Ve, the third-party software that comes included in the package of this program should be unchecked.
  • Once the process of installation completes, you should close the installer.

Once you have successfully installed the Unlocker on your computer, below-given steps are needed to be followed so as to fix the error you are facing:

Step-1: Right-Click On The File

Click with the right button of your mouse on the file or folder you intend to delete or modify. It will open a menu.

Step-2: Select Unlocker

Once you right-click on it, a new option namedunlockerwill be there in the menu appearing in front of you. Select this option. On selecting theUnlocker” seçenek, theUnlockerwindow will open up. In this window, you will be able to see whether the file with which you are facing the problem has been locked by some process. Bu durumda, it has been locked by a process, the list of such processes will be shown to you by Unlocker.

Step-3: seçmek “Unlock All

Once you have a list of all the culprit processes in front of you, all you need to do is just hit theUnlock All.” Ve bitti.

Method-2: Rebooting The Computer In The “Güvenli mod”

Rebooting the computer in “Güvenli mod” is another solution to the You need permission to perform this action problem. That’s because whenever you start Windows in Safe Mode, only the programs related to Windows are loaded. Ve, those programs are loaded with the minimum possible settings. Just follow the steps mentioned below in order to restart your PC/laptop in the “Güvenli mod”:

Pencereler için 7 ve Vista

Step-1: Restart The Computer

İlk, restart your PC/laptop and keep on pressing the F8 key over and over again until theAdvanced Boot Menu” belirir. Ve, in case you do not see this menu, you will, tekrar, need to restart and repeatedly press the F8 key until the menu appears.

Step-2: seçmek “Safe Mode With Networking

Once you get to see the menu, seçmek “Safe Mode with Networking” menüden. In order to select this option from the menu, you will need to make use of the arrow keys available on your keyboard.

Step-3: basın “Girmek” Key

The last step is to hit theGirmekkey from the keyboard after selecting the desired option from the menu. As soon as you press the key, the computer will start in Safe Mode with Networking.

Pencereler için 8/8.1/10

Step-1: Açık “Koşmak” Window

İlk, basın “kazanmak + R,keys from your keyboard, and it will open theKoşmak” pencere.

Step-2: tip “msconfig

Once you are on theKoşmak” pencere, tip “msconfig” ve basın “Girmekkey from your keyboard.

Step-3: Select Safe Boot

The next step is to go to theBoottab and then check the checkbox of theSafe bootavailable in the boot options. Bir kere yapılır, sadece tıklayın “Uygulamak” ve vurmak “tamam” buton. Then you can restart your system, and it’s done!

Method-3: Adding Permissions To Drive To Fix You need permission to perform this action on Windows

If you somehow manage to alter the permissions of the entire drive, it can also help you fix the error in some cases. For changing the permissions for the entire drive, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Go To Properties of The Drive

İlk, aç “Benim bilgisayarımand click with the right button of your mouse on the drive or partition containing the folder or file with which you are facing the problem while trying to delete or modify. After right-clicking on the partition, a menu will open in front of you. seçmek “Özelliklerifrom that menu.

Step-2: Navigate To “Güvenlik” çıkıntı

Once you are in properties, the next step is to go to theGüvenliktab and hit theDüzenle” buton. Sonraki, you will need to click on theEklemekbutton and then choose theileri” seçenek. Seçmek “Find Nowand scroll down. While scrolling down, once you get over toEveryone,” just double-click on it. Sonra ' “tamam” buton.

Step-3: Modify Permissions

In the next window, you will have to check theFull Controlcheckbox. Ve, you will have to modify the permissions forEveryone.” Once you are done with it, Sadece tıklayın “Uygulamakand then hit thetamam” buton. Ve, bu kadar.

Method-4: Creating .bat File to Fix You need permission to perform this action on Windows

In case Windows is not able to make recognition of the permissions applied to the file that you are facing problem with, it will be better if you decide to create a .bat file. After creating the file, run it as administrator. Below given are the steps needed to be followed:

Step-1: Create A Text File

İlk, you will need to create a text file on the desktop of your computer and save that newly created file with .bat extension name.

Step-2: Add Lines

Next step is to open the newly created text file in the text editor & add to it the lines given below:

SET DIRECTORY_NAME=”C:\Locked Directory
ICACLS %DIRECTORY_NAME% /grant administrators:F /t

Step-3: Replace The Path Name

You should replace theC:\Locked Directorywith the pathname of the folder with which you are facing the problem. Ve, bu kadar.

Method-5: Checking Permissions to Fix ‘You need permission to perform this action’ Windows üzerinde

The last method in this list of solutions to fix the error, “Bu eylemi gerçekleştirmek için izne ihtiyacınız” on Windows is to check permissions. For you to apply this method, the following steps are needed to be followed:

Step-1: Go To “Özellikleri”

İlk, click with the right button of your mouse on the file or folder, which is showing the error while trying to modify. Once you right-click on it, a menu will appear in front of you. seçmek “Özellikleri” menüden.

Step-2: Navigate To The “Güvenlik” çıkıntı

On selecting theÖzellikleri,” a dialogue box forLogs Propertieswill open up. git “Güvenliktab available in that dialogue box. In the Security tab, there is a button labeled asileri.” Click on that button.

Step-3: Go ToPermission” çıkıntı

As soon as you hit theileri” buton, a new dialogue box will appear. Under thePermissiontab in that new dialogue box, you should ensure that the user account possessed by you has full control of the folder as well as subfolders. If it is not found to be with full control, you should select the user name and click on theChange Permissionsbutton provided in the bottom area of the dialogue box.

Step-4: Change Permission

The next step is to check the box provided with theReplace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this objectoption and uncheck theInclude inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” seçenek. Ve, after checking and unchecking these checkboxes, tıkla “Eklemek” buton.

Step-5: Type Your Username

Now you should type the username in the field labeled asEnter the object name to selectif you are using Windows 7. But in case you are on Windows 8 or later version of Windows, you will first need to click on theSelect a Principaland then type your user name in the field labeled asEnter the object name to select.” Once you are done with typing the username, just hit thetamam‘ buton.

Step-6: Uygulamak “Full Control

Sonraki, a new dialogue box will come up, in which you just have to click on theFull Controloption and hit thetamam” buton. And it’s finally done.