TunesGo for Windows


TunesGo not only being the top iTunes companion for both Android and iOS,
it also capable of doing what iTunes cannot do for you.

Fully Compatible With the latest Samsung S7 (Edge), LG G5, Sony Xperia X with Android 6.0!

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Transfer Music from iOS Device

It is hard to keep the data on your computer and iPhone/iPad/iPod synchronized; you often find it makes you confused because you are not sure whether some particular music is at your computer or other devices. But with TunesGo, you no longer need to worry about that. Transfer music from iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer is so easy thing for this software, you can feel relax about losing data on your computer or have a plan to transfer some reloaded music to your devices, the TunesGo make sure smoothly transfer music from iOS device other way around to your iTunes library on computer.

Remove the Barriers between iTunes and Android

This function is amazing for those people both use iTunes and Android devices. Most important is that this software makes connection between different operating system more convenient than ever, users can use iTunes on their Android device just like it works at iOS system. Which means to sync or transfer iTunes library to Android device is simple and quick.

Direct Download Music from YouTube to iTunes

You only need one step to download music from YouTube to iTunes with the assistance of the TunesGo. The awesome part of this function is you can have album art and music tag automatically which will be done by the software for you.

Organize Your iTunes Library

You must be troubled by the mess of your library, because your iTunes cannot tell Taylor Swift and Taylor are actually the same singer. It have to put the music into two different albums. Even though you think it is a little stupid but there is nothing effective you can do about it. Luckily, now you can let TunesGo do the clean for you. Both Taylor Swift and Taylor will only put into one album, and the duplicates will be deleted. All massive tags will be well organized, how sweet the function is.

Free from the iTunes Restrictions

Except make it easier to transfer playlists & music from iTunes to any devices, TunesGo will automatically help you to convert music formats so that you can play them freely on your devices. So next time you find some music you like in rare format, the format or compatibility won't be a problem for you anymore.