How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from iPhone to Samsung S4 / S4 Mini / S4 Active

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If you bought a new Samsung Galaxy S4, you will need to transfer SMS text messages from iPhone to Samsung S4. You will learn more about iPhone SMS to Samsung S4 data transfer process in the article.

As an iPhone user, do you want to get a new Samsung Galaxy S4 to have a different experience? If you give an answer “yes”, you will need to transfer some important text messages from iPhone 4/4S/5 to Samsung Galaxy S4. Indeed, you can do so by exporting SMS text messages to a certain account and then connect to your new phone. However, it is really very boring to copy SMS one by one. You need a special iPhone to your Samsung S4 SMS transfer program to help you especially when you have a lot of vital text messages to transfer.

In the article, you will learn a professional iPhone to Samsung S4 SMS transfer program: dr.fone – Switch, through which you can transfer SMS from iPhone 4/4S/5 to Samsung Galaxy S4 in just one click! Even if you want to transfer other data, such as contacts, videos, music, photos between any two different phones, you can turn to the dr.fone Switch program for help. The tool supports all mobile models of popular phones (over 6,500 phones) including all Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone series, Symbian Nokia phones on different networks (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone).

Get the free version of iPhone SMS to Samsung S4 transfer tool – dr.fone Switch for you. Don't hesitate to download it. Then please install it and launch the program. Here I will show you how to transfer text messages from iPhone 4/4S/5 to your new Samsung Galaxy S4 in one click! Just follow me!

Download dr.fone – Switch

Step 1: Connecting iPhone and Samsung S4 to the computer

Firstly, make the connection between the computer and both mobile phones. After they are detected by the tool. You can see them displayed in places “Source” and “Destination“. You ought not to disconnect your devices with your PC during the whole iPhone to Samsung S4 text messages transfer process.

iPhone to Samsung galaxy s4 SMS transfer

Note: For “Flip” button, you can use it to change the positions for both mobile phones. In addition, you can also empty your destination phone like Galaxy S4 by clicking the button “Clear Data Before Copy” if you want.

Step 2: Transfer SMS from iPhone to Samsung S4

For text messages transferring only, please remove marks before other kinds of files, like contacts & photos. Just remain “Text Messages” and choose those SMS you want to transfer to new Galaxy S4. Then click “Start Transfer” to start SMS from iPhone to Samsung S4 transferring. When the transfer comes to an end, you should click “OK” to finish it. Please keep connecting your phones to PC in the whole process.

SMS from iphone to Samsung galaxy s5

After the two processes, you have already transferred all SMS from iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S4 successfully. Just download our free trial version of dr.fone – Switch to have a try right now!

Download dr.fone – Switch

Except SMS transferring from iPhone to your new Samsung smartphone, here is the full solution for you to transfer your WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Samsung easily.

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