More Flexible Method to Transfer Photos and Videos from Android to iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is really irresistible, people are trying their best to get one, even though their Android smart phone is only used for a few mouths. Honestly, even people think it is not necessary to purchase a new phone, as long as it is an iPhone, they just simply want it. According to the users from firstly launched countries, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are thin and sexy, or bigger and better. All these reviews only make people want this phone more.

Anyway, no matter how amazing this new model of iPhone 6 Plus is, we have to face a long exists problem after purchasing one, which is how to transfer videos or photos from an old smart phone, properly a Android phone, to a new iPhone 6 Plus. The development of technology do provide us a lot of convenience and enjoyment, also allow us to save more and more data on our devices, which makes it always difficult to transfer data among devices, and we have to admit that none of these data can be easily abandon since they are all important.

Part 1: How to transfer videos / photos from Android phone to iPhone 6 Plus via Apple's method

Well, why not start with the solution provide by Apple, see how they suggest its users to handle this problem.

I think it will be better to take some kind of data to make an example instead of using all data. So let's start with data like photos and videos.

Click Here to know more details about videos / photos transferring from Android to iPhone 6 by Apple method

This solution won't help a lot if you want to deal your data with a computer. And wireless connection always not very stable, you have to be very careful not to break up during the process which might be a quite long time.

Part 2: How to Sync Android Photos / Videos to iPhone 6 Plus via Third-Party Tool – dr.fone Switch

These above solutions seem quite simple and useful. But don't forget the fact that your Mac might not be able to recognize your Android device. As for the apps mentioned previously, you have to prepare the fact that they don't have workable version for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. And the most important thing is, Apply doesn't provide a solution for Windows users.

Don't worry; the rest part is going to introduce a wonderful tool that can easily help you transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. And good news is, both Mac and Windows users have available version.

Cannot wait to know the name of this tool? dr.fone – Switch will never let you down. Of course, being one of the best software on the market, dr.fone Switch can do much more than just transfer photos and videos, other data like contacts, SMS, music, calendar, apps and even call logs can also be transferred from Android to iPhone 6 Plus through this software. And don't worry it cannot work with the latest operating system, even the recent launching iPhone 6 (Plus) can work smoothly with it.

No need to worry it is too complicated to handle. Within 3 steps and no longer than 10 minutes you can easily transfer those data you want to the target device.

Step 1: Download and install the dr.fone on your computer.

We can use its Windows version as an example which you can download the free trial version or use $39.95 to purchase one.

Download dr.fone – Switch

After downloading the software, simply follow the instructions from the software, you will successfully launch this software on your computer.

When you see the primary window, please select “Switch” mode.

Step 2: Connect both your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and Android device to the computer.

You will need two USB cables to connect both devices to the computer at the same time. And do avoid to use the USB cables that cannot work well, otherwise, the disconnection happened during the data transferring will cause big problems.

android to iphone 6 Plus data transfer

After the software detects your devices, it will display them side by side at its interface. Since we want to transfer data from Android to iPhone, your Android device will be shown on the left side while iPhone on the right side. Users won't make any mistake to transfer data in the other way around, but if you do want to transfer data from iPhone to Android phone, try the button of “Flip”.

Step 3: Transfer photos and videos to iPhone 6 Plus from Android

There is the content list for you to select the data you would like to transfer, after finishing the selection, the software will take some time to scan the files on your source device—your Android phone. But it won't take a long time. Soon you can click the Start Transfer button, the rest part is for the software to finish. You just wait and when the process is 100% done, check your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, all data you want will be there complete and organized.

Copy data from android phone to iPhone 6 Plus

The Mac version is almost the same operation as the Windows version. Connect, select and then transfer. Just as simple as this.

Note: If you want to transfer contacts, you should know that the dr.fone is cable of transferring contacts on your Twitter, Facebook, Google as well as other accounts. (You Android devices should support those accounts). So when you don't want to transfer contacts on this accounts, do not sign in.

Although you can try Apple's solution, dr.fone – Switch is definitely more flexible. It is easy to use, so many kinds of data can be transferred at one time, and don't even need to worry to move a larger amount of data with errors come out now and then. Here you can find out how to sync music from Android to iPhone 6 via dr.fone Switch, or How to copy contacts/calendar from Android to iPhone 6 Plus by dr.fone – Switch as well.

Download dr.fone – Switch

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