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How to Put Music on HTC 10, HTC U Ultra & HTC U Play

So, if you have recently bought an HTC 10, U Ultra or U Play, here's what Wondershare MobileGo does – it not only puts music on HTC 10, but can transfer the music from HTC 10 back to your computer or iTunes. It manages your music or…

How to Purchase Music on Android Phones

We have made an Internet survey about the handiest Android apps for purchasing music on the Android phones. And there are ten of them in the following passages according to the netizen.

How to Backup and Restore Data on HTC by HTC Sync Manager

In order to avoid data loss on your HTC phone, the most secure way to go is to create backup files often. So that you can restore the backups right after you lose the data. It is also useful when you switch from one phone to another. There…

How to Migrate / Transfer iTunes Files to Android

As a newly Android user who just switched from iOS, you may be desperately looking for the method to migrate / transfer the data from your old iOS device to Android phone. In fact, it is really simple to complete this task. What you need is…