How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Successfully

Why Need to Know How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Easily?

If you have ever found yourself asking how to recover deleted videos from Android, you know how it can be quite frustrating to lose something that you have spent time and effort on to shoot. Whether the video is a short or long one, it is usually something that you’d want to treasure as much as possible.

There is no doubt that smartphones are no longer mere luxuries these days as they have become necessities in the lives of people from all walks of life, young and old alike. These tiny gadgets have the remarkable ability to store thousands of files and data, which makes it easier and more seamless for you to record all important events and moments in your life.

However, despite being high and mighty, there is no guarantee that there will be no data loss when you use these smartphones. In fact, this is something that can happen to pretty much everyone. What if you suddenly lost important videos on your Android phone that you would have wanted to keep for a long time, like the first birthday party of your baby, the recordings during your wedding day, your business videos, and others?

There might also be instances when you have made a very promising video with your phone, and you would like to post this on Vimeo or YouTube for everyone to see but for one reason or another, when you checked it after some time, that video seemed to have gone with the wind. You have no idea how or why it happened, and the only thing you want is to retrieve it as soon as possible. While you always have the option to take another video, you know that the first one is already perfect and it will never be the same again.

Whether you believe it or not, this kind of situation does happen lots and lots of time to other Android users. The undeniable fact here is that this problem is rather common. Thankfully, this commonality is also the very reason why there are many ways for fixing this problem. You only need to have the right information as well as the right tool which can help you recover deleted videos on Android.

Instead of panicking and pulling your hair out in frustration, here are some tips that could help you sort out how to recover deleted videos on Android:

1st Part: Where Exactly are Videos Stored on Your Android Device?

The first thing you need to know before you learn how to recover deleted videos from Android is where you could find all the saved and downloaded videos on your phone. You can simply find it by becoming more familiar with your device. So far, every device comes with two kinds of storage, one being the phone storage, and the other one being the SD card storage. For you to easily find the location where the videos you shoot are directly saved, below are the steps you should follow:

1.Go to the Settings option on your phone.

2.Search for the option File Manager or Device Storage.

3.Check the SD Card Storage and Phone Storage.

4.Look for the location where the sample videos are being stored.

More often than not, videos are being stored in the photo gallery if you would like to browse through the device. However, if you prefer to extract the file straight from your phone to your computer, you first need to check the setting as mentioned in the steps above.

2nd Part: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Devices with Dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Recovery

When your storage is already full, the tendency is for you to delete some of the unwanted data and files from your Android device. It could either be a decision that you have carefully thought of, or it could also be an impulsive action because you just want to get some extra space so that you can store new and more important files. There are instances when you end up regretting your impulsive action of deleting the files that you should have saved that you could use in the near future. Well, there is no need to worry because you can now find a reliable Android Recovery Software available right now which can help you recover the deleted videos on your Android device with ease. And if you are looking for the best software that offers an Android video recovery, the number one choice you’ve got is Dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Recovery.

Dr.fone toolkit- Android Data Recovery is considered as the first ever Android recovery software that works on both phones and tablets. You can also preview and recover selectively from your devices. It also supports different file types such as Document, Videos, Audio, Photos, Contacts, Messages, Call logs and WhatsApp. Regardless of your Android devices, you can be assured that Dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Recovery will help you resolve your problem on how to recover deleted videos from Android.

Dr.fone toolkit is a video recovery software for Android as well as an Android SD card recovery that ensures ninety-seven percent efficiency of file recovery with the capability of restoring phone data including messages, photos, contacts, as well as videos. Yes, follow the provided instructions on the ways to how to recover deleted videos from Android:

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

1.Launch the Dr.fone toolkit on the computer. Click “Recover” Option.

2.Consider connecting your Android to the computer.

3.Let Dr.fone toolkit -Android Data Recovery start the process of scanning on your Android device.

4.Wait for scanned files to show and choose video files.

5.Choose the box, which is located below particular videos you like to restore on your PC.

Recover Deleted Video on Android Device with the Use of dr.fone Android Data Recovery

dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Recovery is considered as another tool to help you recover call recording & recover deleted videos on Android smartphone. It is perfect for recovering files even though you do not have a backup. It enables the users to access the device as well as retrieve any missing data in several steps. It’s also easy to utilize and guarantees that there’s no damage that will come to the device or lose any precious data stored on your device.

3rd Part: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Device Using FoneLab – Android Data Recovery

No matter how videos you have lost in your Android device, it does not matter if you are using FoneLab Android Data Recovery. It is a fast, easy, and powerful tool for Android file recovery as well as Samsung data recovery. This allows you to recover any lost videos and other contents including messages, contacts, picture library, documents, music, gallery, call history, and messaging attachment. Through this tool, you can be assured that your videos and files that were lost will be recovered within a few minutes.

Download FoneLab Android Download FoneLab Android

How FoneLab – Android Data Recovery Can Help You?

Recover the deleted text messages, videos, music, contacts, photos, and more on your Android device.

There are numerous kinds of files on your Android devices. Several of these files are essential for you. These may include photos and videos taken during special moments, messages from your friends, and other important information of your contacts. Such crucial files, once lost, make everyone really worried and sad at the same time. But, with FoneLab – Android Data Recovery, you will be able to recover deleted videos on Android & recover data from Android phone with broken screen.

For many Android users, contact is one of the important information. There are times that losing contacts means losing connection with your important friends. With the use of FoneLab Android Data Recovery, it can assist you not just on how to recover deleted videos from Android, but also recover hidden photos from Android & recover the detailed information in your contacts such as phone number, job title, lost name, and some information you need. You’re also allowed to export such information to your computer in various formats, so you’ll be able to preview it on your computer. This also allows you to recover call logs and messages and backup all of these to your computer. Through FoneLab Android Data Recovery, users may also find back messages attachment including all audio files, videos, images, and much more in the messages.

In addition, this tool also helps you recover Snapchat photos and recover deleted Instagram photos.

User-friendly and easy to use interface.

This software comes with the user-friendly interface that allows you to recover lost files with some clicks. It may recover every kind of files in the Android phones such as documents, videos, music, photos, call logs, messaging attachments, text messages, and contacts. It’s also safe and reliable. The process of recovery is done on your PC. All you have to do is worrying about disclosure of data in your device, and this is your finest choice.

Retrieve music, videos, and photos in Android devices.

This brings lots of headaches once you find your videos lost because of some accidents or mistakes. Through FoneLab Android Data Recovery, you may retrieve your lost videos that could be so precious for you. You may also enjoy songs on your Android device with this software.

Learning how to recover deleted videos from Android is never challenging if you know how to follow the steps and tips provided. Aside from that, if you will use Dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Recovery and FoneLab Android Data Recovery, you can be assured that you will always stay on the right track without experiencing any further problems or some hassles. Just make sure to do the process right and follow the steps given above.