iOS mobile app or "Mobile data migration can transfer the data in the URBANO of kyocera to iPhone6s / 6s Plus(Win版)Is a way to use the "

To transfer the data in the URBANO of kyocera to iPhone6s / 6s Plus If you want to change a new type of iPhone、The problem is to be considered。Your well-known of the street、In the wake of Kyocera、kyocera is mainly started selling to develop a model that URBANO directed to the telephone company of the au。Not only elegant appearance、Since URBANO of kyocera, which was said to comfortable to use good has the luxury of its own way、It becomes a lot better that I thought I want to use all means、Already it became popular smartphone。Furthermore、The user will have increased incessantly。

However、iPhone and is iPhone6s / 6s Plus as a new model、From being sold、One is coming increasingly also those who want to change the iPhone6s / 6s Plus from URBANO of kyocera in order to satisfy the curiosity。If you want to replacement mobile、If you wish to use as before the iPhone6s / 6s Plus、You must absolutely migrate the data to be stored in URBANO of kyocera in iPhone6s / 6s Plus。

there、It will be two explains how you can transfer the data in the URBANO of kyocera today to iPhone6s / 6s Plus。One is through the "iOS mobile app."、And forwards the data to the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus。Another method is "Mobile Data Migration(Win版)Using "、Migrate data to iPhone6s / 6s Plus。

Through the "iOS mobile app."、And forwards the data to iPhone6s / 6s Plus

iPhone6s / 6s Plus has its own backup software called iTunes and icloud not only available iPhone。On the other hand、Since URBANO of kyocera, which is equipped with the Android is different from the iPhone6s / 6s Plus the OS has put the iOS、Needless to say you can not use the backup software of Nari iPhone。


At such times、Software that can be data migration of "iOS mobile app" is eye-catching。"IOS mobile app" as software that can transfer data from URBANO of kyocera to iPhone6s / 6s Plus、Be installed on a wide range of various smartphone will be available for free。

How will this roughly。Around the beginning、To transfer data in URBANO of kyocera to Android device、With the "iOS mobile app."、You will be able to migrate to iPhone6s / 6s Plus。

After you install the "iOS mobile app" in iPhone6s / 6s Plus to the iOS device、You will receive the data transmitted from the URBANO of kyocera to be the Android device。

For comparison、If there is no wifi environment、Migrated to hard data to the smooth、You may exert an adverse effect that migrate to speed also becomes slow。Please be careful。

By using the "Mobile data migration"、Migrate data to iPhone6s / 6s Plus

If there is no wifi environment、The personal computer to mediate for those who suffer from that data can not be moved smoothly to facilitate data migration "Mobile data migration(Win版)I want to recommend "。

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

First to launch and install the downloaded "Mobile data migration" to the PC。Select the option of "data transfer from mobile phone to mobile phone" on the left-hand side。


after that、You have to prepare the connection of two devices and the PC of kyocera of URBANO and iPhone6s / 6s Plus with a USB cable。Exchange to be connected to a personal computer URBANO of kyocera of should be noted here as a copy source、It is to connect the new models, such as iPhone6s / 6s Plus as a copy destination。if、After inadvertently To the procedure to connect the kyocera of URBANO and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus in reverse、Do not frustrating、If you click the "replace" button that is on the content、Correctly will return。

Once the two devices are detected as a personal computer、Since the data will appear in front of all eyes、Put a check mark in front of the data you want to move、When you click the blue button that says "copy start" which is in the、Data migration from URBANO of kyocera to iPhone6s / 6s Plus will start automatically。Since the data transfer can take several tens of minutes to complete、Please wait a moment。

If you are in trouble to transfer the data in the URBANO of kyocera to iPhone6s / 6s Plus、Data transfer smoothly makes "Mobile data migrationPlease try us. "。I'm home、Windows versionWhenMac versionSince you have your offer、Please choose the type to respond to your request。

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)