How to Recover Data After Factory Reset on Android Easily


When you take the time to factory reset your Android device you can remove any unnecessary files that are taking up valuable storage space, improve the overall performance of your Android device, and is typically a great idea to prevent junk files from clogging it up – these are just a few of the benefits that there are to factory resetting every once in a while. However, when you factory reset your Android device you also lose all of your personal data, and as a result, you might find yourself learning how to recover data after factory reset on Android.

There are many reasons for this happening – some people aren't aware that their data is going to be removed while others think that a factory reset will only reset their settings. Regardless of what your reason for factory resetting your Android device and how much data is lost, you can easily retrieve the data with the help of a program called Aieseesoft FoneLab for Android – this is the best program out there for recovering data.

What is a Factory Reset Android?

Both Android and iOS devices have a built-in factory reset feature which allows users to revert the device to the state that it was in when they first purchased it. Depending on your device you may be able to reset only the network settings or the general settings, neither of which will affect your personal data, although these features won't fix any problems that you may be experiencing. This is why a lot of people choose to use the factory reset feature and instead of just resetting the settings, they can completely wipe the device's storage and thus, ensuring their problems are fixed.

When it comes to Android devices, only the internal storage will be wiped when you do a factory reset so if you have an SD card inserted with your personal data stored on it, none of the data will be affected, and you will still be able to access it after the factory reset.

Why is There a Factory Reset Feature and Are There Any Benefits to it?

Simply put, the factory reset feature is in place so that Android users can easily remove all of their data at once, although it is frequently used to improve a device's performance too. Before we show you how to recover data after factory reset on Android, below are some reasons for a factory reset.

  • To recalibrate the touch-screen if you have been having problems with it.
  • Scrub your personal data from the device if you are getting rid of it or selling it.
  • If your Android device is running very slow, then you can attempt to increase the speed by performing a factory reset.
  • Unable to exit the Android recovery mode? A factory reset will fix this.

These are just some of the reasons for a factory reset, and as you can see, the two main benefits are that any unnecessary junk files will be removed, and the overall performance of the device will improve. The only catch is that all of your personal data will be deleted – this includes your photos, contact information, music, etc. – and if you weren't aware of this, we are going to show you how to recover data after factory reset on Android so that you can easily restore the data that you lost.

Using Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android to Recover Data After Factory Reset

If you plan on factory resetting your Android device and forget to take a backup of your personal data, then the only way that you can retrieve that data is with a special Android data recovery tool. There are a few different options available although our suggestion would be to use Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android; one of the safest and most reliable recovery tools available.

While there are other tools available, some of them will compromise your data's privacy and may even put your data at risk of corruption – this means that your data will be permanently gone, and this is why we highly recommend using Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery.

With this program, you can have your Android device scanned so that all of the deleted data is detected, and you can selectively restore it as you please. This can save you a lot of time and prevent your storage from being filled up with useless data. So, on that note, we're going to jump right in and show you how to recover data after factory reset on Android using Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery.

Step #1 – Start by downloading and installing Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery on your computer and launching it.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

Step #2 – Connect your Android device using a USB cable.


Step #3 – After the program has detected the device, you'll be shown the different data types which the program is capable of scanning.

Step #4 – Select any data types that you want to be scanned for and click on the “Scan” button to proceed.

Step #5 – Once the scan is complete, browse through all of the detected data and select any of the data files that you want to recover to the device.

Step #6 – Lastly, after you're satisfied with the selected data, click on the “Recover” button, select a file location to have the data recovered to, and click “Save“.

This program is very easy to use, has a straight-forward user interface, and is incredibly effective. There's no need to worry if you factory reset your Android and in just a matter of minutes, you're able to have any personal data restored.

About Aiseesoft FoneLab

While our main focus in this article was to show you how to recover data after factory reset on Android, it's worth noting that there are a lot of other features which you get access to when you download Aiseesoft FoneLab on your computer.

  • Do you have an iOS device as well? There is a version of Aiseesoft FoneLab for iOS which is specially developed for recovering data from iOS devices which has been deleted or lost. It can also recover photos after factory reset on iPhone effortlessly.
  • If you want to recover data from Android device, but you have very limited storage space available on the device's itself, you can extract the data to your computer.
  • Several recovery methods are available so that deleted data can be recovered directly from the device, from an SD card, or from a device which is broken.
  • Available for both Mac and Windows computers.
  • Capable of recovering a wide range of different data types including text messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp attachments, or even documents from the device, such as Recover Deleted Instagram Photos from Android or iPhone.

This is without a doubt one of the most useful programs out there which can be used for data recovery, especially considering the fact that it doesn't matter how you lost the data.

To Conclude

All in all, while you might be upset that you can't access your Android data after a factory reset at first if you familiarize yourself with Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android and learn how to recover data after factory reset on Android with it, you can restore the data with ease. On top of recovering data with this program you can use it for all of the features that we also listed above – there's no doubting that if you want a reliable data recovery tool that is suitable for a wide range of different situations, this is exactly what you're looking for.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

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