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Information Technology has completely changed the face of the world, and the world has become like a global village. Cell phones have been modifying a lot in recent times. Hundreds of thousands of features have been introduced to empower mobile gadgets. New features and apps are being introduced on a daily basis. Initially, cell phones were intended for calls, but today, a mobile phone contains a lot of applications, tools, and features. Mobile phones are widely under the use of children, and they seem to enjoy the gadget.

They spend a lot of time, chatting with their friends, enjoying games, surfing social media and observing feeds. During this much long use, they can access bad content and even be cyberbullied by the trappers. It is not always safe to surf social media and kids can get a dangerous turn while using the gadgets.

It needs to have a check on the activities of kids while they use electronic gadgets. The free porn blocker & Kids GPS watch tool were introduced some time ago, and it did help to track the children. However, a kids GPS watch or child GPS tracker doesn’t fulfill the complete purpose as it’s not enough to know just the location of a kid.

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Part 1. The need for spying Apps like Kids GPS watch

Kids GPS watch did help a lot to trace the location of a child and react on time in any crucial situation. Kids GPS watch acts as a GPS tracker for kids. Today, a child can be misled even when he is at home. Cyber trappers contact the child from the social platforms and different ways. So, an app which can have a check on almost every activity of the children was needed badly.

GPS trackers for kids just told the location and today, knowing the location isn’t enough as a child can be blackmail through social media platforms. A lot of spying and tracking apps have been introduced which, of course, are way better than the kids GPS watches and simple GPS trackers for kids. The main problem with a kids GPS watch and GPS trackers for kids was that they only did locate the device and nothing more. Some of the best apps to spy and track kids are as below.

Part 2. Top 10 GPS Tracker for Kids

SPYZIE – The Best Kids GPS Watch

One of the best tracking and spying apps is Spyzie. It has many more to offer than just a GPS tracker for kids. Spyzie is really handy to use and keep an eye on the activities of a kid. This catch a cheater app helps you to keep an eye on the activities of your child in a hidden mode. There is no need to boot the device. You just have to install the best couple tracker app on the device of your child and create an account on Spyzie.

The Boyfriend Tracker app ensures that the device in which you install the app doesn’t show any logo of the app. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. You have to make a Spyzie account and gain the benefits. Spyzie app makes sure that you can track the location & Hack Facebook without survey; call logs, contact details, SMS, text attachments, media files, IM messages, and a lot more things can be monitored by this keylogger for Android app. There are two versions of the app and to gain full access, you should use the premium version.

Cell Tracker – #2 Kids GPS Watch

This app is also used by a wide number of parents to keep track of their children. It is a brilliant GPS tracker to locate kids. The app is compatible with Android only. The big plus of this app is that it is free and yet provides a good location tracking service. The live movements of your kids can be located by this app.

Children Tracking – #3 Kids GPS Watch

Although its name suggests that it is just a GPS Tracker App to track phone without them knowing. However, it has a lot more to offer you as a parent. This doesn’t only locate your kid but also keeps an eye on the messages, browser history and call log flawlessly. Browser history makes sure that your kid doesn’t access any improper content on the internet.

iKeyMonitor – #4 Kids GPS Watch

This app was first intended to target the iOS gadgets, but now it supports the Android ones too. You can spy almost all the apps of your targeted phones. SMS records, call logs and location can be flawlessly tracked. IM messenger data, media files, and the browser can also be tracked. All these apps provide much more than GPS tracker for kids and kids GPS watch.

MobiStealth – #5 Kids GPS Watch

This is a simple basic app, yet provides a healthy parental control over your kid’s gadget. This app has a very simple User Interface and doesn’t demand any complexity. With the help of this app, you can keep track of the real-time location, IM messenger, and other features. This app provides a real-time feed on your mobile from the targeted device. This app is compatible only with Android devices.


The app was initially designed for iOS users, but now it is compatible with Androids too. It has a very simple interface to interact and use. Browser history, call logs, SMS, media files and a lot could be tracked and spied by this app. Having these kinds of apps make sure that you are not ignorant of the activities of your child and interests on the internet.


This app is compatible with both of the operating systems, Android and iOS. This app helps the user to hack into the other device without the target person knowing it. You can track the messages, browsing history, call logs and other media files. Contact details can also be spied with the help of this app. Kids GPS watches and GPS tracker for kids didn’t provide many facilities apart from location tracking. However, these apps have upstaged the whole game.


Almost all spying activities can be performed by using this app. mSpy allows you to hack any password with the help of keylogging activity. Much more activities like messaging, browsing, etc. can be tracked by this app. This app is compatible with Android and iOS. In short, this app is really efficient in tracking the gadgets of your kids.


This app is compatible with only Androids. SpyBubble is intended to track text-based messages like IM messengers etc. This app also provides stealth mode which is really efficient. SpyBubble is really handy to keep a check on the activities and social communication of your child.

Track It

This app doesn’t provide all the tracking and spying facilities. Track it provides you with some basic features like browser tracking, SMS and call log tracking. The app is compatible with just Androids. Kids GPS watch and GPS tracker for kids are surely the past game now, and the newly introduced apps are the new game.

Part 3. Why SPYZIE is at the Top GPS Tracker for Kids

Spyzie is surely the best option out there to keep a check on your kids & hack someone’s Snapchat no download no survey. It provides the user to avail a lot more features and facilities. There are many options which can be opted, but if you are going for the best, Spyzie is the best option. It has an easy interface. Spyzie has made it easier to track the activities and the interests of your kids and loved ones. The features of Spyzie like browser tracking, SMS spy, locating the location, etc. can assist you to keep your target person away from all the negativity being spread on the Internet. The Internet is a lovely place to gather information and knowledge but surfing social mediums without any check can trouble your child in future.

Main Features for Spyzie:

Kids GPS watch and GPS trackers for kids were introduced for the same purpose, but today, it is not enough to get the knowledge about the location of your target. In addition to the services provided by the kids GPS watches and GPS tracker for kids, the recently introduced spying apps can really be handy. Out of all the spying apps, Spyzie provides you with the most features.

  • This mobile number tracker app has a lot more features.
  • Browser spying, SMS info, call logs, etc. can be checked.
  • It’s compatible with both OSs.
  • It provides a better premium version.
  • It is efficient and easy to use.
  • Its GPS locator works amazingly.
  • Every text message can be tracked in real time.
  • Call recording is also possible.
  • Keylogger facility allows you to hack the passwords.

All these features of Spyzie make it so much special and better than others.

How to install & use Spyzie

Spyzie is not very complex, and a simple knowledge of Spyzie can let you use it efficiently.

1. Go to the Spyzie App website and sign up.

Sign up Spyzie

2. After creating the account, login Spyzie and read the instructions.

3. You have to provide the name and age of the target person and also tell Spyzie the operating system your target individual uses.

4. Install Spyzie on the target device.

5. After installing, login to your Spyzie account from the target device.

6. Allow the permission by tapping on the grant button.

7. Activate the device administrator by tapping ‘Activate’.

8. Tap ‘Start Monitoring’ to sync the data on your account and target device.

9. Now head over to the website and click on ‘Complete’. This will make your account to start fetching data.

Spyzie is undoubtedly an app to consider when going for spying activity. Spyzie gives you all the needed features to keep a check on the activities of your young ones and loved ones.


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