There are ways to migrate data from GALAXY S5 GALAXY S7

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Recently、And the carrier to sell the Smartphone "GALAXY S7、For what is new?。

Recommended product of Samsung company GALAXY series released Smartphone named GALAXY S7 became the 2/22/2016。As the GALAXY S7 sales begin、People been affected Korea drama, fallen in love with Samsung、There are are a lot of people are eyeing a GALAXY, in the curious want to try new models of GALAXY S7 will。However,、Still I don't understand when to begin selling、Maybe would be April。You cannot upgrade immediately、If you're ready for mobile changes、I can。In order to smoothly take the GALAXY S7、Before collecting information about GALAXY S7! per、You can prepare to examine the thing about data migration to the new model before from your old cell phone。

Especially、From an old GALAXY S5 and S6 are new when you want to transfer to Galaxy S7, S7 Edge、How to make photo、Music、Contact、Message、Such as videoTo retrieve the data stored in the old、Unable to without question or turn the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge。

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Let me introduce the new GALAXY S7 specs。

As you will know、The GALAXY features Android system、Without exception this time new models are also equipped with Android 6.0。

as well as in the iPhone series、Same as GALAXY S7、Powered by Samsung's fingerprint identification system。Therefore、This is just a copy of the iPhone just a bad reputation raised by the way、From a user、If using the GALAXY with great features、What's even better please.。In the color variations、Silver、Golden、Black、There are four white options。Further、Thanks to the optical film is placed on the bottom of the rear window in the back of the Smartphone、You can avoid that mess off of the light。For example、May looked at the different servers of the blue black。For the taking、Would it color is very important。Even a little change、I feel it instinctively and。In this delicate、I'd even just the angle deviation、The color photos formed overruled。The late、Don't cover the Smartphone、Still to Putra World Trade Centre、Is said to be better taken pictures。

To obtain a clean design、Because scrapped waterproof was deployed from a GALAXY S5 GALAXY S6、Resulted in dissatisfaction。The late、On waterproof repeatedly adopted this GALAXY S7、Dust-proof functions are added。 Screen resolution is the same as the GALAXY S6、2560×1440The QuadHD more clearer than 1080 p high definition to be。Screen has sparkling colorful looks and、GALAXY S7 should know have a much better high resolution。

Volume is a built-in 3000 mAh battery、Also running out of battery life、Removed from the Smartphone itself、Can't get new ones。I'm sorry but、There are those who have cannot replace the battery became a hobby of many flaws already。But GALAXY S7 body storage capacity is 32 GB version、If thought is not enough、You can use SD cards from、Put the SD card, it can expand capacity。

Not charging how to plug into an electrical outlet、By Qi/PMA、There is also a charge for contactless。Put the charger and、Because the charging starts automatically、In the pillow from the charging device、If you put the established Smartphone battery can be easily。Before going to bed、Smartphone use traditional code charger only placed on the pillow、If you no longer move to anywhere、Up in the morning、Entertainment, find a hobby by pulling the charger connected and mobile code?。(Laughing。)

Try the Elimination of any trouble if you change the Smartphone Mobile data migration

So even while it was GALAXY S7 replacement and want to come more and more。However、And do not migrate data from your old phone to a new device、Wouldn't it be convenient for new models available?。For example、When you change mobile、If you want to migrate to the new old address book、But want to be able to facilitate、Not more than a few.。But can be migrated even if it's only the address book、For other data transfer、Once again you must。I'll take the time to really。

Regardless of whatever useful data types、All 1 time only, you can migrate and I wanted something。Current、Will the dream come true。Turn on the data transfer "Mobile data migration"The software、You can easily migrate data from the GALAXY S5 GALAXY S7。Effective and、It is easy to do。How to use looks like the following。

Step 1:Mobile data migration and install on your PC, launch the。

Before you migrate、Download the Mobile data migration data migration software。Out of it、Launch the software you install on your PC。Once you start、With a USB cable、Links two GALAXY S7 and S5 GALAXY devices on your computer。

Mobile data migration
Connecting to the PC as source S5 GALAXY here should be aware of that the substitution、Connect the destination as the new models, such as GALAXY S7。

Step 2:See phone data transfer to mobile phones from the mode、Migrate the data。

Next、The killing is on the left side of the screen came out "phone data transfer to your mobile phone from。After、2 device is detected on the connection and、Raises the following interface。Choose in the content you want to copy into the tick mark on what you want to migrate the、Please select the "begin copying" under the。


Step 3:End copy、So take a few minutes、One moment。

Press the copy button、Data migration will start to。Until the migration is complete、So take a little time、One moment。After the data transfer is complete、I click 'OK'.。With this、S5 GALAXY GALAXY S7 migration of data is complete and ends with the。

If you're annoyed at this migrating data from GALAXY S5 GALAXY S7、Try and take a look at downloading Mobile data migration。Besides the photo transition、Contacts (contacts) and SMS messages and music、In the same operation can be another data migration such as call history,。I am back、Windows version is Wondershare Mobile data migrationAndMac EditionWe provide you、Please choose the type responds to customer requests。Try the free trial version is greatly appreciated。

Download MobileTrans (Windows version) Download MobileTrans (Mac version)

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