Have Issue with Exodus Super Unlock Download? – Fixed

You are reading this informative guide probably because you are curious about the Exodus Super Unlock tool. Yes. We have composed this article with plenty of useful information related to Exodus Super Unlock download, so keep reading.

If you are an iPhone user, you might have heard the term Exodus Super Unlock. In fact, it is a pretty popular tool that claims to have the ability to unlock iPhones conveniently. As you might see, this tool comes in both paid and trial versions. It is needless to say that the paid version has a large number of features. In fact, if you intend to unlock a particular iOS device, it is compulsory to have the paid version.

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Review on Exodus Super Unlock

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, Exodus Super Unlock comes in the form of an iPhone unlocker. As per the claims made by the developers, this tool has the ability to unlock any iPhone with ease. It is compatible with any iPhone model, as well.

This tool has a smart and pretty powerful algorithm that can bypass the Activate iPhone Screen. There are several reasons for Exodus Super Unlock to become so popular among many users. In fact, this tool doesn’t need to have previous Apple IDs to get an iOS device unlocked. Instead, it just unlocks the device like a breeze.

Pros of Exodus Super Unlock

Now, in this section of our article, we intend to list down the pros of this handy tool. This list will give you a general idea about the usefulness of having such a tool.

  • With Exodus Super Unlock, you will be able to unlock the iPhone without any hassle.
  • After unlocking the iPhones, you can use any SIM card on the respective iPhone.
  • After unlocking the iPhone with this tool, you can simply use it without any hassle. The respective iPhone will be unlocked no matter what sort of a SIM card you are using.

Cons of Exodus Super Unlock

Just like the pros, we should talk about the cons of this iPhone unlocker software. Such a description would make things clearer for you and decide whether or not to download the software.

  • It is surprisingly difficult to locate and download the Exodus Super Unlock iPhone unlocking tool.
  • Some of the users have experienced a lack of performance with Exodus Super Unlock. That means, they found that this tool fails to unlock iPhones in certain occasions. In other words.
  • Some of the users suspect this tool to be a scam because of the complicated methods of payment.

Are there any alternatives to Exodus Super Unlock download?

Now that you the drawbacks associated with Exodus Super Unlock, you might be thinking if it has any alternatives. When it comes to the alternatives factor, you should pick a highly user-friendly software with loads of features. Finding an iPhone unlocking tool can be pretty challenging because there are several aspects to consider. For instance, some of the tools come with unnecessary ads, and some tools are not that friendly. Also, some of the tools are not that reliable, and they may not guarantee the safety of the data. Some of the random iPhone lockers can even brick the device. We mentioned all those instances because you should choose a tool after doing some serious research.

For those who don’t have enough time to spend researching, we have done the hard work. We did some serious research and ended up finding a couple of alternatives to Exodus Super Unlock. Mentioned below are those alternatives for those who need it.

01. iMyFone LockWiper – the best tool to unlock iPhones without a password

As per the research we did, we should emphasize iMyFone LockWiper as the best unlocker due to obvious reasons. This special tool can remove Apple ID without having a passcode. In addition to that, it can even remove iCloud accounts as well without using a passcode. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface and powerful functionality, you can use this tool to unlock iPhones extremely fast. As per the research we did, we consider iMyFone LockWiper to be the best of its kind. It operates in a very safe manner, and it has a very smart algorithm, as well. The combination of the powerful algorithm and user-friendliness of this tool makes things incredibly easier for you. The overall functionality of this tool is impressively fast. You can get this tool to work and unlock any iPhone within a matter of minutes.

Features of iMyFone LockWiper

It is good to take a look at the most notable features associated with iMyFone LockWiper. That will give you an idea about why we consider as the best iPhone unlocker tool.

  • It is capable of resetting the Apple ID from any iPhone through a couple of simple steps.
  • It doesn’t require an Apple ID password to unlock an iPhone.
  • LockWiper allows you to deactivate the currently linked Apple ID account. In addition to that, it can even completely remove the existing Apple ID from an iPhone. If required, it can even reset the Apple ID and perform various other functions.
  • Once the Apple ID is removed, the respective iPhone will not be blocked or erased.
  • A large number of users have tested this tool and consider it to be a very efficient option. The reviews left by the past users speak for the impressive functionality of this powerful tool.
  • It comprises of a smart algorithm that can remove Apple ID within a couple of minutes.

Important: Please note that iMyFone LockWiper DOES NOT have the ability to remove the iCloud Activation Lock screen.

Get iMyFone LockWiper

How to unlock an iPhone using iMyFone LockWiper

Now that you have a good idea about LockWiper’s capabilities. Let’s see how to use it.

  • As the first step, you should download iMyFone LockWiper and get it installed on the computer.
  • Then, you should connect the iPhone you intend to unlock to the same computer. You can use a compatible USB cable to connect the phone with the computer. We strongly recommend using the original USB cable in order to maintain an uninterrupted connection. Then, you will see an option called ”Unlock Apple ID”. Click on it.

  • You will be directed to a new interface now. Click on the ‘Start to Unlock‘ option on this screen. At this stage, however, the data stored in the iPhone will be completely erased. So, when you start the phone, it will appear as a completely fresh device.

  • Now, you will see the required instructions on your device. Just follow all those steps, and you will find the settings are reset on the device. After that, you will see that it starts to remove the Apple ID.

  • At the completion of the process, you will be allowed to log in using a whole new Apple ID. After the login, you will be able to use all the features that are eligible for an Apple ID.

Try iMyFone LockWiper

02. Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

This is another alternative you can use instead of Exodus Super Unlock download and unlock Apple ID. In fact, this tool bypasses the iCloud activation without removing it from the device. However, you can use the respective iCloud account without a hassle. This tool comes with a friendly interface. Moreover, you can use the same tool to install Cydia on your iOS device.

Pros of Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

  • This tool comes with a very friendly interface, so even a novice can use it easily.
  • It can be used to install Cydia on the device.

Cons of Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

  • Despite the general user-friendliness, it comes with a busy-looking interface, which appears to be pretty complicated as well.

03. Remove iCloud Activation Lock Tool

You can use this tool to remove the iCloud activation lock as an alternative to Exodus Super Unlock download. The best thing about this tool is that it comes as a free tool (to download, install, and use). It functions pretty similarly to the Bypass iCloud Activation Tool we have mentioned above.

Pros of Remove iCloud Activation Lock Tool

  • Free to use.
  • Generally friendly user-interface.
  • Enough amount of information available on their official website.
  • Great customer support from its developers.

Cons of Remove iCloud Activation Lock Tool

  • There are some bugs associated with this tool.

Those are the three alternatives to Exodus Super Unlock. We hope you’d find this article to be useful. Please leave us a comment if you have further questions.