Delete All SMS Text Messages on Android Device in Two Methods

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For many reasons you need to delete text messages on your Android phone: You want to change for a new phone, sell the old Android, give the Android phone to your friends, etc. Since the text messages on your Android phone may leak your personal information, it is very necessary to delete them before you make the decision.

Here are two methods for you to delete text messages on your Android phone, you can turn to either method for help to complete the task. Please continue reading to learn more.

Method 1: Delete Android Text Messages Manually

It is quite easy to delete text messages on your Android phone manually. The first thing you need to do is entering into the message screen by tapping the messaging app. Then please tap a thread and tap the button next to the home button to bring up the message management menu. Please then tap the button “Delete messages”. Now you can choose the messages you don't need and click on the button “Delete”. If you want to empty text messages box, please tick the button “Delete all” and click “Delete” to complete the task.

Pros: You can do it all by yourself and cost nothing.
Cons: Waste time when you need to delete hundreds or thousands of messages.

Method 2: Delete SMS Text Messages in Batch with A Third Party Tool

If you have stored huge numbers of text messages on your Android phone and want to delete part of them, you will find it troublesome to delete manually one by one. Here is a good news for you: you can complete the task easily with help of a third party program. Here I recommend you the ever best Android manager, which is called Wondershare MobileGo for Android . Either version of the program enables you to delete multiple SMS messages threads easily and quickly.

Pros: Delete SMS text messages in batch at a time to save your time.
Cons: You need to pay for the program. (with a 15 days free trial).

You can now download free trial version of the MobileGo for Android program to have a try. Please choose either version according to system of your computer. Here I will show you steps to complete the task. Here is Windows version as an example.

Download MobileGo for Android for Windows

Step 1. After installing the program of your PC, please run it to bring up the starting window. Then please connect your Android phone to PC via a USB cable. The program will start to detect your device and then show it in the starting window. (If you are Windows user, you can do the connection via Wi-Fi. )

Step 2. Now in left side column of the starting window, you can see several categories, please click “SMS” to bring up your SMS window, which will show you all messages stored on your Android phone. You can now tick the messages you want to remove and click the button “Delete”. If you want to erase the window, just tick the box next to Content and click the button “Delete”. You will then see a pop-up, just click “Yes” to begin the SMS deletion.

Delete SMS Text Messages on Android
As you can see, except SMS text messages deletion, there are many other options and features in starting window of MobileGo for Android, you can click to experience more about the Android manager.

Download MobileGo for Android for Windows

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