Sådan Løse ’Kunne ikke opdage placering’ om Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go often results in the error ‘failed to detect location‘ at times. Som vi alle ved, Pokemon Go has become a new trend among the generation of today. It is an incredible application that connects the gaming world with the real one. Pokemon Go is published and developed by Niantic in 2016 as an AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game. This game emerged in association with The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic for both Android or iOS devices. Utvivlsomt, it offers immense pleasure when you play it due to its AR notion.

Pokemon Go enables players to look for real-world locations in order to capture hidden Pokemon. This game uses mapping technology and GPS location for creating an AR, where gamers train Pokemon characters in actual locations. Imidlertid, one of the most common issues that you come across on Pokemon Go is the ‘failed to detect location’fejl. There could be various reasons why you face this problem, either it could be due to location settings or something to do with GPS signals.

Her, you will get answers to every query that comes to your mind and will get to know how to resolve the error ‘failed to detect location‘ in the game ‘Pokemon Go.’

failed to detect location

5 Different Ways to Resolve ‘Failed to detect location’

One can resolve the error ‘failed to detect location’ on Pokemon Go in the following ways. Så, let’s have a quick glance at these effective fixes.

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Løsning 1: Set Mock Locations to Fix ‘Failed to detect location’

An important way to resolve the ‘failed to detect location’ error is to enable ‘Mock Locations‘ on your device. Using this option, you can set your location to somewhere different. It works wonders for resolving the ‘failed to detect location’ error in Pokemon Go. Have a look below to know how you can set mock locations on your smartphone!

Steps to resolve the ‘failed to detect location’ error:

For setting up the mock location on your smartphone, follow some simple steps listed as:

Trin 1: Enable ‘Developers Options’ on your device

For doing this, all users have to navigate to ‘Indstillinger‘ on your smartphone. Derfra, you need to find ‘Om telefon‘ and then select the option ‘Software Info.’ There’s a build number for your smartphone. Click on it seven times, and it will open up on your smartphone.

Trin 2: Install the FakeGPS Go App

Nu, visit the Google Play Store and search for the application ‘FakeGPS Go.' Efter det, you have to install this application on your mobile device.

Trin 3: Allow ‘Mock Location’

You need to visit ‘Indstillings’ again, and you will see ‘Developer Options.’ Open this feature and choose the ‘Select mock location app' mulighed. Within the next window, select the application that you have to install.

Set Mock Locations

Trin 4: Launch FakeGPS

Nu, you need to run FakeGPS Go and then set your location as you like.

Set Mock Locations

Når det er gjort, you need to tap on the button ‘Spille.' Næste, start the Pokemon Go application and enjoy your game.

Set Mock Locations

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Løsning 2: Enable the Location Services to Fix ‘Failed to detect location’

Everyone knows the fact that Pokemon Go requires you to go to different places and then use locations. You need to keep the location on for running the application perfectly. Det meste af tiden, users disable the location services, or it gets turned off automatically if they set their devices in the battery saving mode. For checking whether the location services are enabled or not, follow the given instructions.

Steps to fix the error ‘failed to detect location’ on Pokemon Go:

To get rid of this annoying issue, go through the following instructions to enable the location services.

Trin 1: Visit ‘Settings’

I første omgang, you have to visit ‘Indstillinger‘ on your device and look for the option ‘Passwords & Sikkerhed‘ from the listed options.

Trin 2: Tap on ‘Location’

Efter det, you have to click on the option ‘Beliggenhed‘ from that menu.

Trin 3: Check the toggle switch

Nu, you need to examine the toggle switch if it is switched on. Ellers, you just have to click on it for enabling it.

Enable the Location Services

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Løsning 3: Reboot/Restart phone

This method comes handy in various technical glitches, where you need just to reboot your device. It is the first thing that you can try, men det meste af tiden, the ‘failed to detect location’ error on Pokemon Go due to GPS or location errors. Imidlertid, if you could not resolve the issue using the above-mentioned methods, try this one.

Steps to fix the ‘failed to detect location’ error:

Rebooting could be helpful in fixing this annoying error. To restart or reboot your device, follow the instructions given below.

Trin 1: Press the power tab

I første omgang, tap the power or lock button of your smartphone for about several seconds. When a menu comes up on the screen, you have to select ‘Genstart’Eller’reboot' mulighed. The smartphone will restart in some seconds. Forhåbentlig, you will get rid of all kinds of faults now.

Trin 2: Turn on GPS

After your device has restarted successfully, you have to switch on GPS again on your phone. Nu, try to open Pokemon Go and check if the error ‘failed to detect location‘ still persists.

Restart phone

Løsning 4: Log into your account again

When you could have any relief from the ‘failed to detect location’ error, this method can be helpful. It shows the capability to fix this error. Her, you need to try logging out your account on Pokemon Go and then put your login credentials once again. Ved at gøre det, you could possibly eliminate what’s falling behind and get rid of the issue.

Steps to resolve the ‘failed to detect location’ issue:

For logging out and logging into your account, you need to perform some basic steps as follows:

Trin 1: Launch Pokemon Go

for det første, you have to open Pokemon Go, and when this game is successfully launched, press the icon ‘Pokeball.’

Trin 2: Tap on ‘Settings’

Efter dette, you have to tap on ‘Indstillinger‘ present on the right side at the top.

Trin 3: Search for the option ‘Sign Out’

Næste, you have to look for the option ‘Log ud‘ and tap on this icon.

Trin 4: Login once again

After you have logged out of your account successfully, log in using the credentials once again. Nu, check if everything works fine after turning on GPS. Efter det, you can train your Pokemon characters in genuine locations without facing any issue.

Log into your account again

Løsning 5: Reset/clear the data on Pokemon Go

If the above-mentioned ways did not work for you, then this last method could do wonders for you in fixing the ‘failed to detect location’ error. Her, you need to try resetting the data on Pokemon Go. The applications that you use on your smartphone collect hidden components frequently, such as caches.
These items, while stored on your device, could heavily take up storage space, thereby restricting the application from performing well. This could be the reason behind the ‘failed to detect location’ error. Utvivlsomt, you play Pokemon Go too frequently whenever you get time. Derfor, this location-related error can happen due to the corrupted or collected minor items or caches. Here’s how you can reset or clear the data on Pokemon Go!

Steps to reset/clear the data on Pokemon Go:

For resetting or clearing the data on Pokemon Go, you have to follow some simple steps.

Trin 1: Tap on the tab ‘Settings’

I første omgang, you have to take hold of your Android smartphone. Nu, visit the tab ‘Indstillinger‘ on your device. Under this tab, you have to search for the tab ‘Apps’Og klik på det. Næste, you will come across the ‘Manage Apps‘ option and then click on it for proceeding further.

clear the data on Pokemon Go

Trin 2: Search for the ‘Pokemon Go’ option

From this list, you need to search for the ‘Pokemon Go‘ option and then open it. Næste, you have to select the option ‘Slet data.’nu, klik på ’Ryd cache‘ tab for confirming your actions, which come after the ‘Slet data' mulighed. This is going to reset your data from the Pokemon Go application. Dermed, you have to login again to play your favorite game. Nu, the error ‘failed to detect location‘ would not occur on your smartphone any longer.

clear the data on Pokemon Go

Så, these are some of the effective fixes to resolve this annoying error associated with the GPS location on Pokemon Go. Try out these methods one by one to find out the method that actually works for you. Dermed, you would not find any difficulty in catching Pokemon characters in real-time locations. Nu, try out these incredible methods and get rid of the ‘failed to detect location‘ error effectively and start enjoying your favorite game on your smartphone hassle-free!