How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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To change a new phone is sometimes a big decision for people who have saved a lot of important files on their old phone. To change a phone means they may lose all their files before. But in fact it is no longer a trouble now, the users can find a lot of ways to transfer their data to the new phone. This article is written for the Windows phone users who want to change into the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge). In this article, I am going to show you three methods to transfer your contacts from the Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Part 1. Use Google Account to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Galaxy S7 (Edge)

The first method is to use Google Account to transfer the contacts from the Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S7. But you need to sync your Windows phone with your Microsoft account first.

Step 1. After you synchronized your Windows phone data with the Microsoft account, open the Outlook software on your computer, then log in your Microsoft account.

Step 2. Click the button on the upper-left side of the interface, then select “People” option. Then you can tick the people's contacts you want to transfer. Once you finished, click on the upper-right “Manage” button and select the “Export” option. Then the contacts you selected before will be saved on the desired destination as a file on your computer. The file name will be “WLMContacts.csv”.

Step 3. When the file is created successfully, go to the Gmail website now and sign in your Google account right now.

Step 4. After you enter your Gmail account, there is a button on the upper-left side of the interface, click on it and select “Contacts” option to open the contacts interface. Then click on the “More” button in the upper center of the screen and select the “Import” option to pick up the file you created before to import into Gmail.

Step 5. Now the contacts you want from your Windows phone have been imported in your Google contacts already.

Step 6. Open your Samsung Galaxy S7 and enter the “Setting” interface, touch the “Account and sync” button.

Step 7. Tap “Add account” option on the phone screen, then select “Google” to add an existing Google account and sign in your Google account on your Galaxy S7.

Step 8. Tap the Google account just now on the screen, you can see the sync data you synced before. Here you select the “Sync Contacts” option. Quickly your contacts from Windows phone will sync with your Samsung Galaxy S7.


Part 2. Use Phone Swapprto Copy Contacts from Windows Phone to Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge)

Phone Swappr is a data transfer app that you can both get from Windows Store and Google Play. By this useful app, you can transfer your Windows phone contacts to the Samsung Galaxy S7 very easily and quickly. Before the transfer, you need to download and install the app both on your Windows phone and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Step 1. Open the Phone Swappr on your Windows phone and tap the “Sync Contacts” button that offered on the screen.

Step 2. Then a question will appear on the screen, “What would you like to do with your contacts?” Here tap the upper option “Send Contacts to Cloud” to allow the app to export your Windows phone contacts to a cloud and save them there.

Step 3. Then a confirm hint will pop up on your phone screen. Tap “Yes” button to continue. Here you need to notice that your contacts will be kept on the cloud just for 7 days. After the valid period, the contacts will be cleared and you need to send your contacts to the cloud again.

Step 4. Now you can see the synchronization process is proceeding, and it will take some time which depends on the amount of your contacts. Wait a moment until the synchronization down.

Step 5. When the process is down, there will be a completion hint on the screen. What important is the PIN number at the center of the screen. Do remember to write it down so that you can enter the cloud when you need to download the contacts.

Step 6. Open the Phone Swappr on your Samsung Galaxy S7. Tap the “Get Contacts from the Cloud” option on the screen.

Once you tap the option, a PIN number asking hint will show on the screen. Now you input the PIN number you wrote down before. After you confirm the PIN number, the contacts will be automatically downloaded from the cloud to your Samsung Galaxy S7. Until now, the contacts transfer is completed from your Windows phone to your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Part 3. Use MobileTrans to Sync Windows Phone Contacts with Galaxy S7 (Edge)

Wondershare MobileTrans is an one-click transfer software that could transfer all the important data you want from your one device to the other one. Here the “data” means all your music, contacts, SMS, photos and nearly all the files or documents that you have saved on your device. And the device means all the phones, tablets, and iPods. What's more, the version and supporting system of your device can be Android, Apple IOS, Windows, and even Nokia Symbian system. This powerful transfer tool can be compatible with all of the models of all of the above versions. So MobileTrans is also one of the best tool to transfer your contacts from your Windows phone to your new Samsung Galaxy S7.

But before we use the MobileTrans to transfer the contacts from Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S7, we need to sync the contacts of our Windows phone to our OneDrive account first. Follow the below steps to finish the synchronization:

Step 1. Open your Windows phone and find out the “Settings” option in the “All apps” screen.

Step 2. Tap the “email + accounts” button, then tap the “add an account” option.

Step 3. Tap “” option, then sign in your Microsoft account. And your Microsoft account will be saved on your Windows phone.

Step 4. With your Microsoft account, you can automatically backup your data including contacts to the OneDrive. When you are asked to back up, tap “yes” to continue.

After all the above preparation, we can start to use the MobileTrans to transfer our contacts from the Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S7 now. Operate as the following steps:

Step 1. Now download the appropriate version of Wonershare MobileTrans software for your computer and then install it and launch it.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

Here if you want to transfer other data like photos, music or videos, you can directly choose the “Phone to Phone Transfer” to transfer these files straightly. But, because what we want to do is to transfer the contacts which are not included in the above file types, we should choose “Restore from Backups” option. And the select the “OneDrive” option.

Step 2. When we enter the new interface, we should use a matched USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the computer. And once it is detected by the computer, your Galaxy S7 will be showing on the right column of the program interface as the destination device for the transfer backup files.
Then, click the “Sign in” button on the left side for OneDrive to sign in your Microsoft account that you use to back up your Windows phone contacts before.

Step 3. Once you have logged in your OneDrive successfully, the data that you have backed up of your Windows phone will be recognized automatically by the program and they will be listed in the center box of the interface. Here you tick the “Contacts” option then click on the “Start Transfer” button to continue.

Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Samsung Galaxy S7
Step 4. The transfer process may last a few minutes. Wait a moment until a successful message pops up on the interface. The data transfer process is done and all your contacts from your Windows phone are successfully saved in your new Samsung Galaxy S7 now.

restore contacts from OneDrive to Galaxy S7 Edge
What is your feeling now? The contacts transfer from the Windows phone to the Samsung Galaxy S7 is really easy by these three methods, right? So don't wait anymore, if you would like to drop your outdate Windows phone to change a new fantastic Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge), just do it. By these ways, you don't need to worry about how to deal with the data on your old phone anymore. Especially the MobileTrans, it can help you not only transfer the contacts but also all other files. In the end, hope you all like this article if it does help you.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

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