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It is to facilitate transferring the data to the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus from Galaxy、There are easy-to-operate software

GalaxyからiPhone 6S/6S Plusに データを転送することは携帯を変更したい方には考えなければならない問題になります。ですから、写真、動画、アプリなどを含めるデータが移行できる『Mobileデータ移行(Win版)』という操作しやすく便利なソフトを薦めます。便利なスマホライフを求めなら、ぜひお試してください。

iPhone 6S from Android / 7 There is software that can move data to Plus


How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to iOS Device

Things nowadays develop and change rapidly, and so do mobile phones. I remembered the day I bought the iPhone 5s two years ago, and now, I am using the iPhone 6s for surfing on the Internet. If you have just bought one iPhone like me, then…

How to Switch from iOS to Samsung within One Click

Part 1. The reason why more and more users switch from iOS to Samsung devices With the continuous development of phones, more and more useful devices are created all over the world, in this regard, almost all the people want to have the…

How to Sync iPhone with New iTunes Library Efficiently

iTunes let you easily and conveniently sync the music, video, pictures and so on between your iPhone to the iTunes Library on computer, which will let you back up the data on the iDevices easily and refresh the content of iTunes Library in…