Five Best Android SIM Unlock Code Generator Reviews

The issue with paying for a contract with your smartphone (meaning that you pay a set amount each month for a certain data plan) is that your smartphone and SIM are locked to a single network. There are a few downsides to this although the main downside is that when you finally get a new smartphone, and you want to sell your old one, it’s a lot harder to sell it if it’s locked. Fortunately, we have 5 of the best methods for Android SIM unlock code generator and will be talking you through each of these methods – so let’s jump right in.

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Method #1 – Using NokiaFree as Android SIM Unlock Code Generator

For this first method, we’re going to be showing you how to use the free tool known as “NokiaFree“. As you might be able to tell, this program is designed to be used primarily on Nokia phones although it has shown to work on other brands too.

Step #1 – First, download the NokiaFREE program onto your computer and install it accordingly.

Step #2 – Once the program has loaded, you must enter your device’s IMEI code and some other details (although most of these details aren’t necessary).

Step #3 – To get your IMEI code, simply enter *#06# into your keypad (as if you were calling a phone number). The IMEI code will be displayed.

Step #4 – Simply enter the 15-digit code into the program, click on “Calculate” and several codes will be shown that can be used to unlock your SIM card.

Step #5 – It’s worth noting that you can only enter a maximum of 4 codes before you are blocked from entering anymore.

This is often an unpopular choice for Android SIM unlock code generators due to the outdated user interface although it works perfectly nonetheless.

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Method #2 – Using WorldUnlock Codes Calculator as Android SIM Unlock Code Generator

In this second method, our focus will be the program “WorldUnlock“. This program is very similar to NokiaFree except for the main difference that it is designed for any type of phone.

Step #1 – Start by downloading WorldUnlock on your computer, and installing it if you haven’t already done so.

Step #2 – Launch the program and at the top of it, select the model of your mobile phone.

Step #3 – Next, you are required to enter your IMEI code into the program. Unlike some of the other data input sections, this is a requirement.

Step #4 – In order to retrieve your ICEI code, enter *#06# into your phone and the ICEI code will be shown.

Step #5 – Type the ICEI code that was shown in the program, click on the “Calculate” button and use the numbers that are shown to unlock your SIM card.

Step #6 – After entering one of the codes into your phone, you should have successfully unlocked your SIM card, and it can now be used on any network.

Much like NokiaFree, the biggest downside to using this program for Android SIM unlock code generator is that the user interface is outdated and thus is unappealing to use.

Method #3 – Using UnlockMe as Android SIM Unlock Code Generator

Next, we’ll be looking at UnlockMe – another program that is meant specifically for use on Nokia mobile phones. Aside from being used for unlocking SIM cards, this program includes a lot of useful information for Nokia phone users.

The big benefit of this method is that you don’t have to install any programs onto your computer as the whole process is taken care of online.

Step #1 – Head over to the UnlockMe website and using the website menu on the left side, click on “Online Unlock”.

Step #2 – On the following page, you’ll be able to see all of the devices which this service supports. Take a minute to read through the supported models before you begin the method. If your model isn’t listed, then you can save yourself some time.

Note: to quickly find out if your model is supported, rather than searching through the long list of supported models, click on “CTRL + F” and enter your model number. If you see the number highlighted, then you can continue.

Step #3 – Next, select your Nokia model number, enter your IMEI number into the box provided, and select the network that your SIM card is locked to.

Step #4 – After you’ve entered all of the relevant information into the Android SIM unlock code generator, click on the “Calculate Codes” button.

Step #5 – You will then be shown the seven best codes that are recommended for use on your specific Nokia model.

Step #6 – Select one of the codes and enter it into your mobile phone. If the code doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. You can enter four codes before you are blocked from entering another.

Step #7 – Once you’ve finally found a code that works, your SIM card will be unlocked and can be used on any network that you please.

Aside from the outdated interface on this program, there’s no reason for you not to give it a chance for unlocking your SIM card.

Method #4 – Using UnlockItFree as Android SIM Unlock Code Generator

In this fourth method, we’re going to be showing you UnlockItFree – another powerful free program that can be used for Android SIM unlock code generator.

Just as with Method #3, you can do this entire method through the UnlockItFree website, thus no program needs to be installed.

Step #1 – Start by heading over to the UnlockItFree website and using the left menu, clicking on the “Unlock” button.

Step #2 – A box will be shown and in this box, enter the model of your Nokia phone. Click “Next” to proceed.

Step #3 – On the following web page you have to enter several other details. Enter your phone’s IMEI, the phone model, the country that you live in, and whichever service provider the SIM card is locked to.

Step #4 – Check the “I Accept All Terms and Conditions” box before you click on “Generate” to continue.

Step #5 – Next, you’ll be shown some of the best unlock codes that you can try out on your mobile phone. If all goes well, the code that you enter will allow you to unlock your SIM card from your network provider and as a result, you can use any other provider that you want to.

The only downside to this method is that if you aren’t successful when entering the codes, you only have limited attempts before the program refuses to unlock your phone.

Method #5 – Using Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock to Unlock SIM

Last, but definitely not least, we’ll be showing you Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock and how you can use this program as an Android SIM unlock code generator. This is undoubtedly the best program to get the job done.

Step #1 – At the beginning of this method, download Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock onto your computer, install it, and follow the installation instructions.

Download Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android on Windows

Step #2 – Once you have the program installed, you’re ready to continue. Connect your Android device to your computer using the USB connector that you received upon purchasing it.

Step #3 – Using the options that are shown on the program’s main menu, click on the “SIM Unlock” option.

Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android
Note: it’s important that you have USB Debugging Mode enabled on your device prior to starting this method. If you have an Android OS that is version 4.2.2, then you can enable this mode by tapping on the notification which appears.

Step #4 – On the following display, simply click on the “Unlock” button.

Step #5 – Your Android device will restart a few times (which is a good sign!) and once it’s done, your SIM card will be unlocked and can be used with any mobile phone network that you want to.

There is no doubt in our minds that if you’re looking for a reliable Android SIM unlock code generator, Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock is the way to go. Aside from using it to unlock your Android SIM, it has so many other fantastic features.

Which Method Should I Use?

Of course, now that we’ve shown you five completely different (but all incredibly useful) methods, it’s time to determine which of the methods you should try out for yourself.

The easiest answer to this question would be to try them all out and whichever works first, simply use that. However, our recommendation is to use Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock. Rather than you having to enter a lot of different details (like all of the other methods that we showed you), Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock grabs all of this information automatically so that all you have to do is connect your Android device, enable USB debugging mode, and let Dr.Fone take care of the rest.

Furthermore, Dr.Fone goes much more than just acting as an Android SIM unlock code generator. In fact, you can use Dr.Fone for backing up data and restoring those backups, recording your device’s screen, or even removing a lock screen in case you have forgotten your device’s password!

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To Conclude

If you want to change the network of your SIM card and have had little success so far, then use any of the methods that we’ve shown you above. All of them are perfect for Android SIM unlock code generator although using Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock is the best program for the job. You’ll quickly realize that not only is Dr.Fone perfect for unlocking SIM cards, but it does a lot more for your smartphone too.


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