Técnicas para corrigir ‘Android.Process.Media parou’ Erro

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Assim como qualquer sistema de tecnologia, Android vem com seu próprio conjunto de questões. O problema mais comum é a ‘Android.process.media has stopped‘ erro. Se você é um daqueles que têm encontrado este erro recentemente, Então você veio ao lugar certo. Ainda, there are many people who have no idea about what this error means. We will try to give information about this error, so don't stick to this article till the end.

Neste artigo, we will brief you about the causes of theAndroid.process.media has stoppederror as well as ways to fix the error. The techniques mentioned in the article are safe to implement.

PS: Aqui, you can figure out how to fix acore processo Android parou, e Process system isn't responding, assim como SystemUI Android parou com facilidade.

Parte 1: What are the causes of ‘Android.process.media has stopped' error?

There are multiple causes of this error. The Android .process.media has stopped error can show up frequently. It is essential to note that this error can appear due to many reasons. The common causes of this error are listed below.

Causes of ‘Android.process.media has stopped' error

  • A firmware that has failed to upgrade can cause this error.
  • Movement of 1 custom ROM to a different ROM can result in the Android .process.media has stopped error.
  • Using Titanium backup to restore applications is a big cause for this error.
  • Virus attacks can result in Android .process.media has stopped error.
  • A few applications failure, such as media storage and download manager, can result in the error.

Parte 2: Create a backup of Android data using dr.fone-Backup and Restore (andróide)

It is quite feasible to create a backup of Android data before fixing any issue. If you secure your data before, you will not have to worry about it getting lost while fixing any issues. Use dr.fone-Backup and Restore tool to create a backup of Android data.

dr.fone-Backup & Restore (andróide)

It is a powerful tool to create a backup of Android data efficiently. Dr.fone-Backup & Restore is a trusted source that will keep the data secure.

Features of dr.fone-backup & Restore

  • Works with more than 8000 dispositivos Android
  • No loss of data while exporting, restoring or creating a backup
  • Backup of Android data into PC with just a few clicks
  • Preview of backup as well as restore it to whichever Android devices you wish to

Get dr.fone-backup & Restore

Steps to create a backup

1. Baixar e instalar dr.fone-Backup & Restore. After the complete installation of this program, run it.

2. Agora, link the Android device to your PC. Ensure that the device gets recognized by the PC. Selecione os ‘Cópia de segurança‘ botão.

3. As soon as your Android device appears on the screen, check on the box of the backup type that you want. Agora, toque na ‘Cópia de segurançaoption to start.

The remaining process will be handled by the program.

Try dr.fone-backup & Restore

Parte 3: Techniques to fix ‘Android.process.media has stopped' error

Nesta secção, we will acquaint you with four techniques to fix ‘Android.process.media has stopped' error. Every technique is classified into steps to give you a clear understanding of the whole technique.

Técnica 1: dr.fone-Repair (andróide) to fix Android.Process.Media has stopped error

This tool is the most efficient tool to repair the error. It ensures a safe and secure procedure to fix Android.process.media has stopped error.

Features of dr.fone-Repair (andróide)

  • The first tool in the industry to repair Android in a click without the loss of data
  • Detailed instructions are provided to ensure an easy process. No requirement of technical skills
  • Repairs various issues, such as UI not functioning, the device won't switch on, and black screen
  • Works with the latest Samsung devices, such as Galaxy S8 and SP, entre outros

Get dr.fone-Repair

Steps to use dr.fone-Repair (andróide)

Here are the steps to repair the error.

1. Connect the Android device

Download and launch the tool on the PC. Agora, selecione os ‘Repararoption from the main screen.

Connect the Android device using a USB cable. Selecione os ‘Reparação Androidoption among the three options. On the interface of device information, do not forget to choose the right information. Então, confirm your actions and tap on thePróximo‘ opção.

Confirming will delete all the data from the device, so in order to confirm this, entrar ‘000000to continue further.

2. Fix the device during Download mode

You will be required to boot the device and put it in download mode. Clique no ‘Próximobutton to begin the download process of the firmware. The download process takes some time to finish.

We hope that now you won't panic if you come across this error. The Android.process.media has stopped error is not a big issue and can be easily fixed. In case this technique doesn't work on the PC or any other unforeseen trouble, then you can reset the factory settings on the device. That will fix the error, and your device will function smoothly.

Try dr.fone-Repair

Técnica 2: Disable media storage to fix Android.Process.Media has stopped

Another technique to fix the Android.process.media has stopped error is to disable media storage on the device.

Steps to use this technique

1. Search media storage application

Clique no ‘Gerente de aplicaçãooption in Settings. Look for aCardápiobutton and choose theShow system.' Now you need to scroll to look for media storage option.

2. Disable media storage

selecionar ‘Disableto stop media storage fully. Então, go on to see if you still face the Android.process.media has stopped error.

In case your issue is not fixed by this technique, move on to another technique. It might solve the error quickly.

This technique is quite simple. You can easily follow the steps even if you don't have technical skills. Try this method to see if the error gets fixed.

Técnica 3: Update the Firmware to Fix Android.Process.Media has stopped

In case you forgot to update the Operating System (OS) for a longer period, do it right away. Certain applications do not function if you do not update the OS.

Steps to perform this technique

1. Find update settings in Android

primeiramente, link the device to a good Wi-Fi connection. Launch theConfiguraçõesapplication and select theSobre o dispositivo‘ opção.

primeiramente, Clique no ‘Software Updateoption and then selectUpdate,' ‘System Firmware Update,' andSoftware Update.'

2. Install a recent Android Operating System (OS)

Selecione os ‘Check for updatesoption and click on the recent update of Android. Toque no ‘Updateoption and choose ‘Install' to get the recent Android version on the device.

Técnica 4: Analyze Google Sync and media storage

If the above technique doesn't work for your device, em seguida, tentar este método.

Steps to use this technique

1. Stop Google synchronization

Selecione os ‘Accounts and Personaloption in Settings. Uncheck every option listed insideGoogle Sync.'

2. Disable Media Storage

Open theConfiguraçõesin your device. Clique em ‘Appsand then turn it toAll Apps.' Scroll down and tap on theMedia Storage‘ opção. Clique em ‘Apagar os dadosand hit theDisable‘ botão.

3. Repair Android.process.media has stopped issue

Repeat the steps mentioned above to clear data and disable Download Manager too. Então, reboot the device. Hold the power button to reboot the device.

We hope that this technique solves your issue. Contudo, if it doesn't help, there is no need to worry. We have other ways to help you resolve the Android .process.media has stopped error.

Técnica 5: Reset App Preferences to Fix Android.Process.Media has stopped

Other than the above four techniques, we have another addition to the list. You can repair the issue by resetting app preferences.

Steps to reset the Application Preferences

1. Access every Android application

Head to theConfiguraçõesoption and then chooseGerente de aplicação.' You might other options depending on the device you are using.

2. Reset app preferences on the Android device

Select the three dots menu sign. Escolha o ‘Reset App Preferencesoption to get the applications back into the original phase automatically.

Isn't it quite easy to follow these steps? You don't need to be a technology geek to fix this issue.

Técnica 6: Clear Cache & Clear Data

The last technique to repair Android.process.media has stopped error is by clearing the cache and data.

Steps to Clear Cache and Clear Data

1. Clear Cache and Clear Data on the Google Services Framework

Selecione os ‘Configurações‘ opção. Aberto ‘aplicaçõesand hit theManage Applications‘ botão. You need to ensure that you turned theTodos‘ aba.

Encontrar ‘Estrutura de Serviços do Google‘ e clique ‘Clear Data and Cache.'

2. Clear cache and clear data on Play Store

Repeat the same steps to clear data and clear cache on Play Store. Agora, head back to the Google Services Framework and hit on theforça Parar‘ opção, ‘Limpar cache‘ botão, e depois ‘Está bem.'

3. Reboot the Android device

Run Play Store from applications drawer. Hit theEstá bemoption when you notice that the issue has been solved. Select the power button and hold it to allow rebooting the device.

assim, with this last technique, we wrap up our article. These fine techniques will surely solve the Android.process.media has stopped error. If you still face this issue, we recommend you to show it to an expert and get it resolved.

We hope that now you are well aware of the Android.process.media has stopped error and its solutions. If you have any other queries or doubts, let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to share your experience after trying these methods. We will surely read it. Obrigado por ler o artigo.
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