Tips to Transfer Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S3/S4

In this article, we are going to show you four ways about how to transfer contacts to Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. Are you ready to follow us? Let’s go.

Tip 1: Sync contacts in online accounts to Galaxy S3/S4

If you have synced contacts in online accounts, such as Gmail and Facebook, you are able to move them to your Galaxy S3. Just unlock your S3, go to Setting < Accounts and sync < Add account. Log in an account and copy contacts to your Samsung Galaxy S3. Quite easy, right?

Tip 2: Extract contacts from SIM card to Galaxy S4/S3

There is nothing easier than to transfer contacts from a SIM card to your Samsung Galaxy S3. All you need to do is to take out the SIM card from your old mobile phone and insert it into the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. In one swoop, the contacts will be moved to your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4.

Tip 3: Transfer contacts to Galaxy S3/Galaxy S4 with MobileGo for Android

With the help of a third-party program, you can easily transfer a VCF file to your Samsung Galaxy S3/Galaxy S4 directly. This amazing program is Wondershare MobileGo for Android. It has two versions: Windows version and Mac version. Just according to your system, choose the right one. Both versions work similarly. We’ll use Windows version below.

To begin with, please download Wondershare MobileGo for Android first.

Download MobileGo for Android for Windows Download MobileGo for Android for Mac

Step 1: Run this program and connect Galaxy S4/S3 to PC

After downloading, install and run this data transfer program on your PC. Then use a USB cable to connect your Galaxy S3 (or Galaxy S4) with the PC. Once detected, your phone will be displayed in the main window.

MobileGo for Samsung

Step 2: Transfer contacts to Galaxy S3/S4 via VCF

Click Contacts on the left column. Then from the Contact Window, press Import/Export to reveal the drop-down list. By clicking “Import contacts from computer” to show another drop-down list. Select from vCard file. In the emerging dialog, ensure a destination, like a SIM card, phone memory card, or accounts, to put the upcoming vCard file.

import contacts to samsung Galaxy S4/Galaxy s5
Plus, with this powerful program, you can transfer contacts in Windows live mail, Windows Address Book and Outlook to your Samsung Galaxy S3 as well.

Download MobileGo for Android for Windows Download MobileGo for Android for Mac

Tip 4: Copy contacts from one phone to Galaxy S3/Galaxy S4 directly

What if the contacts are saved on your old phone and SIM card is too large to fit in your Galaxy S3 (S4)? In this case, Wondershare MobileTrans, a professional data transfer tool, can help you out. This tool is specially designed for transferring music, photos, SMS, contacts and so on between two phones based on iOS, Android and Symbian. With its help, you only need to click once before you move your contacts on the old phone to your Galaxy S3. Just download Wondershare MobileTrans and have a try.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

Step 1: Launch this program and plug in your devices

Install and launch this program on your computer. Then plug in both your Galaxy S3/S4 and the other phone to the computer via USB cables at the same time. After scanned, your two phones will be shown in the main window. As you may notice, your one phone shows as “Source” and the other “Destination”. By clicking the “Flip” button, you are able to switch their places. If you need to wipe out your Galaxy S3/Galaxy S4, you can select “Clear data before copy”.

iphone to galaxy s4/S3 contacts transfer

Step 2: Copy contacts to Samsung Galaxy S3/S4

Remove unwanted marks and click “Start Copy”. In a few minutes, the contacts on your old phone will be on your Samsung Galaxy S4/S3.

contacts from iphone to galaxy s4/Galaxy S3

Just download Wondershare MobileTrans to have a try now.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)