How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to LG G2 / G3 / G FLex 2 Directly

“Expand your senses, enrich your understanding and enhance your daily life with a device designed to fit your needs so perfectly. It feels like it is part of you.”

As said above, you cannot miss the brand new LG G2 if you are an electronics lover! The new LG G2, with many news features added, brings us much surprise and convenience in our life.

  • 13 MP advanced camera. With such a high resolution camera, you can take photos and video more clearly with less blur; what’s more, you can have a better experience when you take night photography.
  • High-quality sound. With the new LG G2, you will never miss the deep tone of the base, subtle vocal details, or the sweet sound of a power chord.
  • Long lasting battery. Battery of the new LG G2 is 3,000 MAH so that you can go your phone all day long.
  • Guest Mode. With the guest mode, nobody can scan your personal information that you set any more, no information leak will happen.

While the new LG G2 makes you happy, you may need to worry about such a problem: how to transfer contacts from your old Android phone to the new LG G2? For all smart phone users, contact is a very important content on their phone. When you need to make calls, text messages, the first thing you need to do is callout the contacts. However, when switched to a new phone, how to transfer these contacts becomes a problem. Although you can text these contacts to your new LG G2 by hand, you can do this only when your contacts are a few. What if there are a large number of contacts?

If you do need to transfer a huge number of contacts to LG G2 / G3, we now will show you a very useful method. You can turn to Wondershare MobileTrans for help. The program is specially designed for you to transfer files, including video, SMS, contacts, music, photos and more between any two phones in just one click. No matter whether you are experts or primary users, you can all complete the task easily with help of the transfer.

Good news here. You can now download free trial version of the tool to have a try before purchase it. Please download the program on your computer and install it. Here I will show you how to handle the program to transfer contacts from Android to LG G2 / LG G3 step by step, please follow me to finish it.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

Step 1: Connect both Android phone & new LG Phone to computer

MobileTrans for Windows

After launch the tool, you can then see the starting window of the program. You now need to connect both your old Android phone and new LG G2/LG G3 to your computer via two USB cables. The program will detect your devices as soon as possible and then display them in the starting window.

contacts from android to LG G2
Your two phones will be displayed in the place of “Source” and “Destination” respectively. If you want to change direction of the transfer, please click “Flip” to make a change. If you want to empty your destination phone, tick off “Clear data before copy”.

Step 2: Transfer contacts from Android to LG G2/G3/G Flex 2 directly

Now, you can select the content to copy in the starting window. After the selection, please click “Start Copy” to start to transfer.

android phone contacts to LG G2 transfer
You ought to keep your two phones connected to your computer during the whole process of syncing contacts to LG G3/ LG G2 / LG G Flex 2.

Just a few minutes later, you can get all contacts on your new LG G2. Just click to check them. You can find all related information, such as name, job title, address are all attached besides contacts. Don’t you think the program very easy-handling?

Just join us to have a try! Wondershare MobileTrans also let you transfer contacts from other Nokia / iOS phone to LG G2 in the same way.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version) Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)