Android App Organizer: Best Way to Organize App on Android Galaxy S4 / S5 / S6

If you have a professional Android app organizer, it will be easy for you to organize app on Android Samsung Galaxy A6 / S5 /S4 by installing, uninstalling, exporting apps and so on.

Everyday, a lot of new and interesting apps will be pushed off. As for me, I always download many new games and applied software so that I can catch the trend of fashion all the time. However, the RAM of my smart Android Samsung Galaxy device is limited, I need to delete some to leave room for more another apps. Since I have stored a lot apps, it will waste me much energy and time to delete them. If you are now facing the same problem as me, you can learn more in the article.

In fact, you can now try the professional Android App Organizer tool for Galaxy S6/S5/S4: Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Windows) or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac). Besides deleting apps, you can also manage your apps in just one click. Both of the two versions can help you to organize apps on your Samsung Galaxy S5/S4 in an easy way. Now, you have the chance to download free trial version of the two programs to have a try. You can only experience partial function of the tool, if you want to try the entire tool, you need to purchase it.

After you download the Galaxy S4 App Organizer tool, you need to install it on your computer and then launch it. You will see a starting window on your computer seconds later.

Download MobileGo for Android for Windows Download MobileGo for Android for Mac

How to organize Apps on Samsung Galaxy S5/S6?

Step 1: Now, you need to connect your Android Galaxy S5 to your computer via a USB cable. If you are windows user, you can also do the connection via Wi-Fi. The program will then detect your device, and then display it in the starting window. You ought to keep your device connected to your computer during the whole process.

MobileGo for Samsung

Step 2: Here I will show you how to download apps from online resource. See the top left column? That is Online Resource, from which you can download any apps you like from AppBrain, Google Play, etc. Please click the cross to add more website to the online resource, you can then easily browse the website and then download apps directly from the program. The program will then help you install apps automatically.

online apps for samsung
Step 3: After you download apps directly through your program, you will need to install app on your Android Galaxy S4. You can also do the installation directly through the tool. You can click “Apps” to bring up all apps on your Android Galaxy S5 on the right, then please click “Install”. You need to select the apps you want to install, then just click “Open” button to install them in just one click.

Install app to Samsung S6 / S5 / S4
Step 4: Here, I will show you how to export apps on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to computer to make backup. You just need to select apps on your Samsung Galaxy S4 that you want to backup to your computer. It is a very easy handling tool.

uninstall galaxy s5 / S6 apps

Step 5: With so many apps, you may want to uninstall some after a long time. Here is a good way for you. Through the tool, you just need to select the apps you want to uninstall and then click “Uninstall”. In the following options please choose “Yes”. Then just wait for a few minute, the tool will uninstall apps on Galaxy S5 for you automatically.

export samsung s4 /S5 apps
Step 6: In this step, I will show you how to share Sasmung Galaxy S5 apps via Facebook, SMS and Twitter in an easy way. Please select the apps you want to share, then click “Share” on the right. You will then get three options: “Share to Facebook”, “Share to Twitter” and “Share via SMS”, just select the one you want to share.

share galaxy s5 apps
See, how easy it is to organize apps on your Sasmung S6 / S5 / S4. Just try it yourself.

Download MobileGo for Android for Windows Download MobileGo for Android for Mac